Groundwater Treatment System Rental design for treating water from brownfield site

A mid-Atlantic environmental firm contacted Carbonair to develop a treatment system for a Brownfield development project.  Carbonair designed a  custom treatment system for treating water from brownfield site.

Three office complexes were being built in downtown Washington DC. Each building included underground parking, requiring excavation 65 feet below grade. Groundwater samples revealed BTEX and TCE contamination, and hydrological testing indicated pumping rates of 1000 GPM would be necessary to allow construction to resume.

Water treatment system design challenges on this project included:

A high water flow rate (1000 gpm)
Limited space on site for system
The need to move the system periodically to allow for site work
24 hour operation required over a long period of time
The need to exchange media in vessels while maintaining a 1000 gpm flow rate
The potential need to downsize the system based on reduce flow rates in the future

For this project, Carbonair designed a modular 1200 GPM water treatment system consisting of twelve 100 GPM units on a common header. Each unit had a duplex bag filter skid and a Carbonair PC13 carbon absorber. Carbonair furnished the complete system, including hose, fittings, headers and valves. Carbonair’s field service team installed the system and trained the operating personnel.

This modular design allowed the system to continuously flow at 1000 gpm, while two vessels could be held in reserve and serviced if needed. Using a modular system with multiple small carbon vessels resulted in less site preparation time prior to installation, when compared to larger vessels. Due to extreme space restrictions, the system had to be moved several times during the course of the project. This was simplified by the compact, flexible design employed. After 14 months of operation, site conditions changed allowing for a reduction in the required flow rate. Carbonair was able to easily reduce the size and operating cost of the system, by simply removing several of the 100 gpm modules.

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