Groundwater Treatment System Rental Design for Treating Superfund Site Water

As part of a major highway improvement project, contractors had to dewater an area in order to pour footings for an overpass. Contaminated groundwater from an adjacent Superfund site was drawn into the dewatering stream, required treating superfund site water of the contaminated water stream prior to discharge on-site. Based on the large area being excavated, the high water table and the permeability of the soils, a flow rate of 3000 gpm was required to keep the excavation area dry during construction work.

Carbonair first met with the general contractor and environmental engineer to work out the required treatment system design and assess site logistics for system layout, delivery and installation.

Challenges for this project included:

  • High dewatering flow rate required (3000 gpm)
  • Small area on site for treatment system adjacent to operating highway
  • Short lead time for set up of system
  • 24 hour operation required


Carbonair designed and provided a 3000 gpm water treatment system consisting of three (3) individual 1,000 gpm treatment streams comprised of the following:

  • A 21,000 gallon settling tank for the removal of large solids and free product
  • Bag filters for the removal of suspended solids
  • Granular activated carbon (GAC) filters with 30,000 pounds of carbon for removal of dissolved organic contaminants.

The systems were provided with all necessary components for operation in the field, including 30 horsepower transfer pumps with level controls, hose and fittings, distribution headers and a 100 kW generator for the system’s electrical power requirements. The systems were mobilized, installed and started up in less than five business days from the notice to proceed. The actual field installation took three and one-half days.

The systems performed as designed and allowed the contractor to finish the installation of the footings ahead of schedule, saving them, and the DOT, a considerable amount of money. Carbonair was able to meet their short lead time for delivery of the system and was able to safely deliver, set up and then demobilize the systems in an extremely tight area adjacent to an operating highway and with overhead power lines at the site.

Demobilization was accomplished in just three days.

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