Temporary Storm Water Treatment System to Treat Storm Water Overflow to Treat Storm Water Overflow at Superfund Site

Due to heavy rains from a hurricane, the storm water collection and treatment system in place at a six-hundred acre Superfund site was overflowing. Carbonair was hired to provide a temporary storm water treatment system to avoid fines that may have resulted from unauthorized untreated storm water discharges.

Carbonair responded by providing a 500 GPM temporary storm water treatment system consisting of:

  • Four bag filter skids equipped with 1-micron bag filters for fine suspended solids removal
  • Two 4,000 pound sand filters for removal of suspended solids
  • Two Carbonair PC-50 liquid phase carbon vessels, each with 10,000 pounds of carbon for removal of dissolved organic contaminants.

The system was provided with all of the required distribution headers, pumps, hose and fittings.

Carbonair received the customer’s call at 10:00 AM on a Tuesday morning, and responded by delivering a modular 500 GPM treatment system delivered to the site by 8:00 AM Thursday morning. The system was operating by noon on Friday.

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