Carbonair’s patented STAT Low Profile Air Strippers are ideally suited for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water in a variety of applications including municipal drinking water treatmentgroundwater remediation and industrial process and waste water treatmentAir stripping is a process that introduces air into the contaminated water in order to create an interface between the air and water surfaces.

Carbonair’s large air stripper combines high removal efficiencies (99.9% or greater removal efficiencies for many VOCs), flexibility, ease of maintenance and durability with high flow rates. Carbonair’s air strippers can have flows up to 1000 gpm per unit.  With multiple trays configurations and blower options each STAT air stripper can be customized to meet your site requirements.

Since 1992 Carbonair has provided thousands of air strippers in a myriad of applications and configurations.  Many of these are still operating today. Carbonair’s STATs are proven performers in the field and have gained a reputation for superior performance, ease of maintenance and rugged durability.

Carbonair has both temporary air strippers and permanent air stripper units available.

Carbonair’s STAT Low Profile Air Stripper Standard Design Features

All STAT air stripper models are made of high quality 304 stainless steel and have 125 lb flanged inlet and outlet connections to ensure the integrity of piping connections.  The trays and sump sections come equipped with clean out ports that facilitate easy inspection and routine cleaning of the aeration trays.  The aerations trays are connected using adjustable over-center latching stainless steel clips, making assembly and disassembly quick and easy, while ensuring a tight fit and good seal to prevent leaks.  All STAT aeration trays come equipped with an anti-bypass valve that prevents air from bypassing the aeration trays by flowing up through the down comers.  This eliminates the need to “prime” the system at startup and ensures that the first drop of water that goes through the air strippers is treated as well as the last.

STAT low profile air strippers can be configured for either a gravity or pump out discharge or both.  Gravity drain units come equipped with a patented Flapper Valve in the sump that prevents air from bypassing the aeration trays through the water effluent port.

STATs configured for pump out discharge have sumps that are sized to minimize pump cycling and to maintain sufficient air distribution across the aeration trays.  Unlike competitors’ low profile air strippers,  Carbonair’s STAT low profile air strippers come with direct coupled industrial grade blowers as standard equipment.  All air strippers are equipped with a low pressure switch mounted on the blower to shut down the water input upstream in the event of a blower failure, thereby ensuring that no untreated water is passing through to discharge.

More Efficient Off-Gas Treatment

Because STAT low profile air strippers operate at the lowest air flow rate of any low profile air strippers for a given removal efficiency, the off-gas from a STAT contains a higher concentration of contaminants and is at a lower air flow rate.  This makes any off-gas treatment that may be required more cost-efficient, whether you are using an oxidizer or granular activated carbon.  Measured against competitors’ low profile air strippers, STAT can save thousands of dollars a year in off-gas treatment costs.  This is just one more reason to choose a STAT low profile air stripper for your next project.

Model STAT 15 STAT 30 STAT 80 STAT 180 STAT 400 STAT 720
Tray Dimensions 24″L x 10″W x 10″H 36″L x 14″W x 10″H 48″L x 24″W x 10″H 72″L x 36″W x 12″H 120″L x 48″W x 12″H 144″L x 72″W x 12″H
Sump Capacity 16 gallons 30 gallons 60 gallons 225 gallons 500 gallons 1000 gallons
Max. Height 7′-7″ 7′-10″ 7′-10″ 9’-6” 10’-2” 11’-0”
Water Flow Range(gpm) 0.5 – 15 1 – 40 5 – 100 10 – 200 20 – 400 40 – 1000
Air Flow (cfm) 80 150 350 900 2,100 3,500
Skid Dimensions 48″L x 30″W x 6″H 64″L x 34″W x 6″H 66″L x 66″W x 6″H 88″L x 86″W x 6″H 136″L x 98″W x 6″H Call for sizing


Standard Features

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Polypropylene demister material capable of removing 95% of droplets 5 microns or larger
  • Flanged (125 pound) inlet and outlet configuration to maximize the integrity of piping connections
  • Anti-Bypass valve* eliminates need for priming prior to system start-up, ensuring that the first gallon to enter the unit will be treated as well as the last gallon
  • Flapper valve* (Gravity units) prevents air from bypassing the sieve trays through the water effluent port
  • Weir type square downcomer flow distribution system ensures uniform water distribution over the trays
  • Tray fastened by over-center latching stainless steel clips
  • Collection sump minimizes pump cycling requirements and maintains sufficient turbulence
  • Low pressure switch mounted in the blower discharge piping to shut down unit in the event of blower failure
  • Direct coupled blower to maintain high pressure air at low flow rates

Optional Components

  • Air temperature gauges
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Air Flowmeters
  • Water temperature gauges
  • Water flow meters
  • Discharge pump with level controls
  • Sample ports
  • Explosion-proof controls

STAT Low Profile Air Strippers for Rent

Carbonair has the largest rental fleet of trailer and skid mounted low profile air strippers for temporary, on-site treatment of contaminated water in the industry.  Our STAT rental units are either trailer mounted or skid mounted, come equipped with either diesel or electrically powered blowers and can accommodate gravity or pump out the discharge.  Carbonair STAT rental units have flow rates from 30 gpm up to 1000 gpm per unit.  Flow rates of 3000 gpm or more can be achieved by operating units in parallel.   STAT rental units can be provided as a stand-alone treatment option or part of a fully integrated treatment system.

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