Carbonair provides high-quality water treatment systems and water filtration equipment, specifically designed for hydrostatic test water treatment, tank bottom water treatment and dewatering water at terminals and tank farms

CarbonFilter(Custom)At Carbonair, we provide your company with a complete on-site water treatment system from start to finish. We designed our mobile water treatment systems to be able to effectively treat suspended solids, oil and grease, and other contaminants found in water generated during hydrotesting, oil field wastewater treatment, and pipeline cleaning. It’s our goal to provide you with a custom designed, fool proof water treatment system that meets your needs and your time schedule.

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Project Examples: Water Treatment Rentals for Pipelines, Terminals and Tank Farms

Pipeline Hydrostatic Test Water Treatment Equipment Rental

Carbonair was hired by a pipeline operator to provide on-site treatment of water generated by a hydrotest on a section of pipeline. The mobile water treatment system had to be designed to treat suspended solids, oil and grease, and needed to handle a flow rate of 1000 gpm. Carbonair delivered the system on schedule.

A Carbonair project manager provided installation oversight and operator training for the system. This system operated at 1,000 gpm and enabled our customer to complete their project and return the pipeline to use within their budgeted timeline, treating an estimated 3, 350,000 gallons of water. At the conclusion of the project, Carbonair provided demobilization services including the extraction and disposal of the spent media, and demobilization of the equipment.

groundwaterTreatmentSystemGroundwater Treatment System Rental to Support Subsurface Pipeline Repair

Carbonair was hired by a petroleum pipeline company to assist in the clean-up and repair of a ruptured petroleum pipeline in South Carolina. The project involved providing temporary treatment of contaminated groundwater generated as a result of dewatering associated with the repair of the ruptured line.

Carbonair reviewed the contaminant concentrations, required water flow rates and the anticipated duration of the project. Based on these data, Carbonair designed, delivered and installed a 250 GPM temporary groundwater treatment system.

A Carbonair field service technician was provided to oversee the off-loading of equipment as well as assist in set-up, installation and operator training.

The system performed as designed, allowing for the timely repair of the ruptured pipeline. At the conclusion of the project, Carbonair field staff removed and disposed of the spent filter media and performed demobilization of the equipment.