There are many situations that require temporary groundwater treatment equipment during a soil or groundwater remediation project. When excavating to remove heavily contaminated soil, contaminated groundwater, or other source material, the excavation area may need to be dewatered and the resulting contaminated water needs to be treated using an on-site groundwater treatment system. In addition, temporary water treatment systems may be needed on some remediation sites for short periods of time, for pilot studies, or short-term pullback of a contaminant plume. In these cases, renting the required treatment equipment used to treat these sites often makes the best financial sense. Carbonair has over 25 years experience providing groundwater treatment equipment for rent in these applications, including our diesel-powered STAT Low Profile Air Stripper Trailers, Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels, and Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels.

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Mobile Air Strippers 

Carbonair’s mobile air stripper units are either trailer mounted or skid mounted and can be used for the VOC removal.The air stripping units come equipped with either diesel or electrically powered blowers. Carbonair’s air strippers have flow rates up to 1000 gpm per unit. Flow rates of over 5000 gpm can be achieved by operating units in parallel.

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Carbon Vessels

Liquid Filtration Vessels

Carbonair’s liquid phase carbon filtration systems are designed for the removal of dissolved contaminants from liquid streams. Carbonair’s activated carbon filter vessels have flow rates up to 1000 gpm per unit. Flow rates of over 5000 gpm can be achieved by operating units in parallel.

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Vapor Filtration Vessels

Carbonair’s vapor phase carbon filter vessels are designed to reduce VOC concentrations, corrosive gases, toxic vapors, and to control odor. Carbonair’s line of vapor carbon filter systems have up to 120 sq ft of filtration surface area per unit. Nominal Flow rates up to 12,000 CFM.

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Project Example: Groundwater Treatment System Rental in Support of Remediation of a Manufactured Gas Plant

Carbonair was hired by a natural gas utility company to provide on-site groundwater treatment of dewatering water in support of the remediation of a Manufactured Gas Plant. As part of the remediation treatment remedy, contractors had to excavate and remove large quantities of soil at the source of the contamination. The soil and water in this area were heavily contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) otherwise known as VOCs, which were present in dissolved form and as free product. The excavated area had to be dewatered at a rate of 500 gpm during excavation due to the high water table.

Carbonair designed and supplied a rental groundwater treatment system, consisting of granular activated carbon (GAC) vessels and our STATs, to meet discharge requirements, allow uninterrupted operation and have sufficient capacity to last throughout the excavation period — without media in the carbon vessel needing to be replaced.

Carbonair Field Technicians installed the carbon vessel system, performed water treatment system startup and trained customer staff in how to operate the groundwater treatment equipment. In addition, Carbonair provided 24-hour emergency on-call service.

The groundwater remediation treatment system operated as designed on a 24-hour basis for the life of the project without any downtime or media replacement required. As a result, the contractors were able to proceed with, and complete, the excavation of the contaminated soil without any delays —saving money and avoiding any costly permit violations.

Carbonair field technicians disassembled and removed the groundwater treatment equipment and arranged for the disposal of the spent filter media, completing the “cradle to grave” solution to our customer’s temporary water treatment needs for this project.

Carbonair is the leader in providing rental groundwater treatment equipment and water remediation treatment systems for support of soil and groundwater remediation projects. Contact us today for a quote on your next remediation project!