Carbonair has two types of activated carbon adsorption vessels


Carbonair offers activated carbon adsorption in two distinct types, Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels and Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels. Carbonair also offers a complete line of other treatment equipment including pre filters, oil water separators, air strippers and all the piping, valves and instrumentation required to make your carbon adsorption vessel treatment system work in the field.  We specialize in providing liquid phase and vapor phase vessels for rent for short term applications and can provide carbon vessel exchange and/or on-site carbon exchange services to keep your system running smoothly in the field.



For more information about carbon filter rentals, or any other Carbonair products, contact Carbonair directly at 1-800-526-4999. Or if you prefer, please fill out our contact us form and a Carbonair representative will contact you to answer your questions.


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Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels for Sale Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels for Rent

Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels for Sale Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels for Rent


Mobile-GAC-carbon-vessel-Trailer-copyLiquid Phase Filter Vessels

Carbonair’s liquid phase carbon filtration vessels are designed for the removal of dissolved contaminants from liquid streams.

Carbonair’s carbon vessels are specifically designed to make sure there is an even flow of liquid over the entire bed of carbon providing efficient use of the GAC. They are constructed of industrial grade materials and to meet required pressure ratings.

Carbon FilterCarbonair’s activated carbon filters can accommodate flow rates up to 600 gpm and 20,000 lbs of GAC per unit.  In addition to our stand alone carbon vessels, we have trailer mounted mobile water filter vessel systems that can accommodate flows up to 1000 gpm.  Flow rates of 5000 gpm or greater can be achieved by arranging the vessels or trailers in parallel.

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2 Carbon FilterVapor Phase Filter Vessels

Carbonair’s vapor phase filter vessels are designed to reduce VOC concentrations, corrosive gases, toxic vapors, and to control odor. Our vapor carbon filter vessels are commonly used to treat air stripper and SVE off-gas, and other contaminated vapor streams.

2 Carbon Filter (1)Carbonair’s line of vapor phase vessels are made with an air plenum at the base of the vessel with the GAC bed supported above the plenum on a fiberglass and stainless steel grate. The air plenum design provides excellent air distribution across the surface of the carbon bed, providing more efficient use of the GAC than vessels that use slotted pipe for air distribution.  This better use of the carbon can save significant dollars over the life of a system in the field.

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