Groundwater Remediation Equipment

Groundwater Remediation Equipment Rentals


Carbonair specializes in providing Groundwater Remediation Equipment systems for a variety of short-term applications where contaminated water must be treated on-site prior to discharge. By combining our 30 years’ experience in water treatment technology design with an extensive inventory of groundwater treatment equipment available for rent from our four regional offices, we provide you practical solutions for treating contaminated groundwater on your project. Applications for groundwater remediation equipment rental include: construction dewatering, groundwater remediation, soil remediation, treatment of pipeline hydrotest water, installation or upgrade of an underground storage tank, temporary drinking water treatment, storm water treatment or waste water treatment.

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We begin a project by working with you to design the best groundwater treatment system for your application. We are the only company in the industry that provides detailed computer models to support the design of the water treatment systems that we provide. This excellent documentation can be used to facilitate regulatory approvals and discharge permits.

We then deliver turnkey groundwater treatment systems on-site, on-demand, with all the equipment needed for success in the field. Our experienced field staff will deliver, install and startup systems and train your operators, or, we can operate the system if needed. Our field staff is the best in the industry at making sure the groundwater remediation equipment works for your applications.




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Other Rental Equipment
Carbon Filters
Vessel Zeolite/Clay Filters
De-ionization Filters
Bag Filters
Oil Water Separators
Sand Filters
Cartridge Filters
Transfer Pumps (Diesel and Electric)
Piping, Headers,
Integrated Mobile Treatment Units
Frac Tanks/Weir Tanks
Our Water Treatment Equipment can Treat the following Contaminants:
Turbidity/Suspended Solids
Oil and Grease
Volatile Organic Compounds
Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Diesel and Fuel Oil
Chlorinated Solvents
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Pentachlorophenol PCBs
Pesticides and Herbicides
Heavy Metals
Applications Include:
Applications Construction Dewatering
Storm Water Management
Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Underground Storage Tank Replacements
Pipeline Hydrostatic Testing
Temporary Drinking Water Treatment


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