New Mobile Water Treatment Trailer for Rent

Carbonair’s mobile water treatment trailer is a perfect fit for a variety of temporary water treatment applications including,  construction dewatering, groundwater remediation, underground storage tank replacement and pipeline hydrostatic test water treatment.


The system consists of four custom designed Carbonair MPC 28 Filter Vessels with special internal piping, preceded by a dual multi-round bag filter skid.  The filter vessels are equipped with piping and valves to allow for running them in parallel or series, as well as isolation of any single vessel and for performing backwashing as required.  The trailer comes equipped with a 1000 gpm dual multi-round pre-filter that allows for exchange of bag filters in one filter housing, while continuing to run in forward flow at 1000 gpm through the second housing.  The filter vessels can be supplied with a variety of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) as well as other specialty filtration media including ion exchange resin, oil adsorbing media, arsenic removal media,  amine impregnated zeolite and others.   The system is trailer mounted and self contained, making delivery and setup fast and safe.

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Additional Features of the Mobile Water Treatment Trailer

112 sq ft Filtration Surface Area                                                Flow rates up to 1000 GPM nominal
20,000 lb GAC capacity                                                            Can be used with a variety of other filtration media
Piping for Series or Parallel Operation                                     Trailer mounted with internal piping
Dual Multi-round Bag Filter Included                                        Trailer mounted for easy transport and startup
Ideal for mobile water treatment applications


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