Rental Applications

Construction Dewatering

Carbonair specializes in providing temporary, on-site water treatment systems for treating contaminated water generated by construction dewatering activities. We recognize that contractors need to focus on completing their scope of work and shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining groundwater treatment equipment used to treat the effluent from their construction dewatering system. Carbonair can provide you with a custom designed, fool proof water treatment system to treat contaminated water from construction dewatering on your next job.

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Soil and Groundwater Remediation

There are many situations that require temporary groundwater treatment equipment during a soil or groundwater remediation project. When excavating to remove heavily contaminated soil, contaminated groundwater, or other source material, the excavation area may need to be dewatered and the resulting contaminated water needs to be treated using an on-site groundwater treatment system. In addition, temporary water treatment systems may be needed on some remediation sites for short periods of time, for pilot studies, or short-term pull back of a contaminant plume. In these cases, renting the required treatment equipment used to treat these sites often makes the best financial sense. Carbonair has over 25 years experience providing groundwater treatment equipment for rent in these applications, including our diesel powered STAT Low Profile Air Stripper Trailers, Vapor Phase Carbon Vessel, and our Liquid Phase Carbon Vessel.

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Pipelines, Terminals, and Tank Farms

Carbonair provides high quality water treatment systems and water filtration equipment, specifically designed for hydrostatic test water treatment, tank bottom water treatment and dewatering water at terminals and tank farms.

At Carbonair, we provide your company with a complete on-site water treatment system from start to finish. We designed our mobile water treatment systems to be able to effectively treat suspended solids, oil and grease, and other contaminants found in water generated during hydrotesting, oil field wastewater treatment, and pipeline cleaning. It’s our goal to provide you with a custom designed, fool proof water treatment system that meets your needs and your time schedule.

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Underground Storage Tank Replacements

When underground storage tanks (USTs) are removed and/or installed, the excavation pit often must undergo construction dewatering. The resulting water is often contaminated and must be trucked off-site, or treated prior to discharge on-site. Depending on the volume of dewatering water generated from these underground storage tank, on-site water treatment can be the only economically viable alternative. The groundwater treatment equipment required to meet discharge limits can vary depending on what contaminants are in the water. Carbonair has a full line of industrial groundwater treatment rentals available for these applications including our diesel powered STAT Low Profile Air Stripper Trailers, Vapor Phase Carbon Vessel, or our Liquid Carbon Vessels, designed for this specific application.

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Temporary Drinking Water Treatment

Carbonair can provide custom designed municipal drinking water treatment equipment for rental when treatment is needed for a temporary period of time. Carbonair’s STAT Low Profile Air Strippers, and carbon filter vessels are ideal for the removal of a variety of  VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and for removal of disinfection by-products such as, Trihalomethanes, bromodichloromethane and dibromochloropropane.

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